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Rev. Mosely is amazing. From  the beginning, she made the ceremony all about us. It didn’t feel like a  cookie cutter, one-fits-all ceremony but instead one that spoke to our  story & personality as a couple. She sent me my ceremony ahead of  time and respected all changes I suggested. The day of the ceremony, she  got there really early and reassured me as I was getting wedding-day  jitters. She even matched my wedding colors! The ceremony itself was  perfect. She’s a fantastic orator. Every word she said was clearly  enunciated and she spoke with feeling. My ceremony happened to be  bilingual and I was so pleased to hear that her Spanish was perfect and  she was able to seamlessly interweave it into the ceremony. After the  ceremony, she took our license and said she’d send it in and take care  of it for us. She also hung around a bit to take pictures with us and of  us. Nothing felt rushed! I would highly recommend! She made our day so  special!  


Allison  said...   I could tell by the name of Sally's business and her smile from her  profile picture that she was the one. And she was. After giving Sally some info about us and our families, she quickly started writing up our ceremony. She was able to cover and include what was important to me  & my husband and to our parents. She was very generous with her time  and you could feel her excitement for our union. Everyone had only  lovely things to say about her and the ceremony she put together for us.  I highly recommend. 


Tyler said...  
Rev. Mosley was instantly accessible and genuinely interested in what my  wife and I wanted in our wedding. She intuitively knew exactly what we  would like and gave us numerous options for our ceremony. Rev. Mosley  was extremely open to our suggestions and requests and always responded  quickly.  Rev. Mosley conducted herself with utmost professionalism and candor  during the ceremony. Multiple family members remarked the ceremony was  the best officiating they have seen. The ceremony went perfectly and  Rev. Mosley's presence was comforting and her officiating was poetic. My  wife and I are very happy not just in Rev. Mosley's preparation,  communication, and officiating but also we are happy she was a part of  our ceremony. I can't recommend Rev. Mosley's services enough and  encourage others to utilize her gifts as an officiant. Thank you Rev.  Mosley.   


Arianne said...  
Rev. Mosley was a joy to have at my wedding! Her words were beautiful  and she spoke loudly so that all of my guests could hear her (we were in  a park with no sound system). I felt like she was a member of our  family and not just an officiant. We received many compliments on how  beautiful the ceremony was and that it seemed like she knew us forever! I  would highly recommend her services because she responded to emails  quickly, was prompt, and created a wonderful ceremony for me and my  husband that we will never forget!  

Lori. Sally spoke clearly and had wonderful voice projection. The emotion of the ceremony was heard through the inflection of the words spoken. Sally was delightful and so helpful. She is sweet natured and she made our ceremony personal to our story. 

Guy said...  
I would say this: you are in the time of your life where "this is meant  to be" or "things happen for a reason" might be a part of your new  romantic lexicon . . . if so, Reverend Mosley will be right in line.  I  went on a site and saw the officiants on the first page, none grabbed my  intuition.  I saw Rev. Mosley on page 2 and immediately called.  She  answered the call within a couple of rings on a Saturday afternoon.  She  married us on Tuesday of the next week.  The ceremony she put together  literally used words my wife and I only share privately.  I believe the  Reverend is a channel of good stuff. Is this review over-the-top and too ingratiating?   It would make sense  to think so since you don't know me; however, I am telling you the full  truth: no one could have done a better job in my opinion.  We have  received numerous compliments about the service specifically.  This is  the right choice.  -- Guy and Courtney Schaafs -- SATX -- eloped 5.23.17  -- Ps I added "photography" and "wedding planning" to the Services Used  because her advice was indispensable in the situation we chose to have  our ceremony.  Reverend Mosley is not, to my knowledge a photographer or  a wedding planner . . . she is awesome though.   


Sally performed our wedding ceremony and it was simple and beautiful, just what we wanted. The vows she helped us select were perfect for us.  Jean 

 Sally was amazing... she provided us with so many options... she catered to our needs, and truly made us feel like this was our wedding!! Highly recommend!!  David  

I just wanted to put in a good word for Mike Everett. My daughter was due to get married next year and her fiancé decided to join the Air Force so I got a call about 2 months or so ago asking if they could have the wedding at our home in LRC.

I immediately asked the neighbors for suggestions and Mike was one of the first people to contact me and offer his service as officiant. He sat down with the bride and groom beforehand and made sure everything went as they wanted. Mike was phenomenal. He had us all in tears and when the groom started to freeze up he broke the ice and got everything back on track. It was beautiful, heartfelt and I’m so happy that Mike married my baby girl. Give him call/text/email and he will get back to you same day, if not sooner. You won’t be disappointed! Becky C

Sally did a great job with our ceremony. She was flexible and willing to work with us on short notice. She did everything we wanted and was really sweet and friendly. We would recommend her to everyone!


We hired Joyful Unions for our 10 year wedding vow renewal ceremony. This was such a joyful day made 110% more special by the most wonderful Reverend Sally, Joyful Unions San Antonio!!The ceremony was beautiful!She even had the rings blessed with holy water! Reverend Sally actually made a cake for us!! She brought beverages, cheese and a photographer for our intimate ceremony of two!!

 I highly recommend that you use her for your next wedding, vow renewal, home blessing...
or whatever situation needs the professional and personal touches that you can only dream of.  Darcy 

Sally was very very prompt on answering my call and all call backs. No voice-mail needed to be left She was full of knowledge and lots of suggestions. I will forever be grateful that she took that time and attention on such an important time in my life. Thank you Sally.  Rene 

"Sally was so sweet and personable right from the start-she makes you  feel like you have known each other for years! Her warm personality  makes you feel so comfortable, especially since I didn’t meet her until  the day of our wedding as our correspondence was only through email due to my schedule and being from out of town. Sally is the best of the best and was able to accommodate my husband and mine’s requests and kept our ceremony following with ease. She was even able to make last minute  changes right before the ceremony! All of my guests were very  complimentary of the ceremony and that is all thanks to Sally! I cannot  recommend Joyful Unions highly enough." Officiant reviews in San Antonio